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Life has been difficult lately; life has been empty. Thank goodness for RED’s music. I needed the pick me up.

What are your feelings towards the album as a whole compared to the original RTP?

So guys! Here’s the track list for the Recalibrated Release the Panic album.

There is also a comment on this page that states that their 5th album will be produced by Rob Graves again (HOORAY), and it will probably be more like their heavier stuff instead of the pop stuff.

I’m actually really excited. What do you guys think?

Me: *thinks about Joe Rickard*
Me: *cries*

Excuse me while I cry and throw an empty box of tissues at my wall


Excuse me while I cry and throw an empty box of tissues at my wall

At tonight’s show in Arizona, RED drummer, Joe Rickard, has made it official that he is leaving the band.

As a huge fan of him, I’m very sad to see him go, but I’m glad to know that it wasn’t on bad terms.

One thing is for sure, I’m praying to God that they hire another hard core drummer. Someone that can still play beautiful beats and replicate old RED’s powerful songs.

Joe, the entire REDNation will miss you greatly.

Much love.

r3druger said: I have some bad news. I was at RED's show in Phoenix and it's official Joe is leaving the band for a new dream and some other things. But they said things are good and everyone will miss him as a drummer. And a performer and friend :)

I just heard.

I won’t lie.

I’m crying right now.

I recently went to the Rock and Worship Roadshow 2014.

Bands like Skillet, Third Day, We As Human, and Royal Tailor will be performing.

The concert is cheap and the music is great. I suggest going. If you like excellent music, especially of the Christian variety, you’ll go nuts over this.

cupcakesandbabysharks-deactivat said: I just found this blog and I just wanted to say thank you for making a blog for my favourite band! GOD BLESS YOU XD

I’m glad you like them too! I’m here for your RED blogging needs. :)

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